Exclusive Boat Tour - Ab Vacanze Trapani

Escursioni in barca

Exclusive Boat Tour

Escursioni in barca Isole Egadi

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Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour
Exclusive Boat Tour

This is definitely the best formula for those seeking privacy. The right formula to decide yourself when to set the alarm and depart. You decide where to go, following my advice based on the weather, which coves to visit differently by anticipating or postponing the stop to make the most of the magical moments the island offers. An outing that you will enjoy minute by minute, accompanying the moments of the day by tasting a glass of wine, with good background music, and a refreshing swim here and there. Or you can share all this with your friends. Surely, the sea of the Egadi Islands will remain in your heart forever.

For those who desire an excursion to the Egadi Islands, this experience is ideal. Starting from Trapani, the Egadi excursion from Trapani will allow you to explore this paradise at your own pace and pleasure, enjoying every moment.

N.B.: Catamaran available for a maximum of 12 people.

Starting from €600

Since this is a personalized service, the rate varies based on the requirements. Therefore, as a first contact, a phone call (including WhatsApp) is always preferred to understand the needs, and immediately after, once everything is defined, a confirmation email will follow summarizing what was discussed and agreed upon.


- Sunscreen
- Sunglasses (preferably polarized)
- Rubber shoes for rocks or flip-flops
- Camera
- And a huge luggage of happiness, good mood, and cheerfulness


- Meeting Point
Marina Arturo Stabile Via Avv. G. Palmeri, 2/10 - 91100 Trapani
GPS: 38°00’51.5’’ N – 12°31’03.2’’ E
- Appointment and Departure Time
9:00 AM registration and briefing
9:30 AM departure
- Return Time / End of Excursion
6:00 PM (duration approximately 8.5 hours)


- INNOVATION: I will have the pleasure of welcoming you aboard the new fast catamaran designed especially for you. New design and local craftsmanship (built in 2022). A mix between the comfort of a CATAMARAN and the speed of a RUBBER BOAT/MOTORBOAT.
- SAFETY: You will forget the pitching and rolling of traditional boats or monohulls. It will feel like being on solid ground.
- PEACEFUL STOPS CLOSE TO THE COAST: The catamaran, being a 10-meter vessel, can anchor for swimming in spots closer to beaches where the water is crystal clear, respecting the maximum safety limit allowed by navigation regulations, unlike large boats that, due to their size and limited maneuverability, must necessarily anchor outside the coves. In some areas, for example during the lunch break, anchoring is done a few meters from the rocks, as these are points that are difficult to reach from the mainland and therefore free from swimmers.
- UNIQUE SPOTS: Arriving by sea also means accessing coves that are difficult to reach from land, discovering true unspoiled marine paradises.
- MAX 12 PAX: The maximum number of people on board is 12 plus the skipper.
- EXCLUSIVITY: Being able to freely decide the itinerary, taking advice from Alessandro on where to go based on the day's weather conditions.
- COMPLETE ISLAND TOUR AND STOPS: Departing from Trapani, this is the ONLY tour that completes the entire circuit of the island of Favignana or Levanzo. TRUE SWIMMING STOPS are made in coves, therefore where the sea is calm, avoiding rolling and crowds.
- NO CROWDS AND A WIDE CHOICE: The catamaran outing allows you to get closer to the coast, choosing the bluest part of the sea to dive into. It also allows you to choose the area of water where you can freely take a dip, avoiding the crowds found on beaches during certain periods of the summer. Additionally, from the sea, you can easily and quickly move from one cove to another with no stress.
- WHY WITH ALESSANDRO: By your side, you will have an expert friend who will accompany you and tell anecdotes and the history of the places you will visit.

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